Five Essential Things You Need to Start Your Streaming Career

Streaming has become one of the most sought careers among the younger generation. It’s one of the best ways to jump-start an influencer career and one way to get recognized by big brands. It’s estimated that there are about seven million active streamers on just the platform Twitch alone. It peaked earlier in 2021 when the numbers reached nine million.
Being a successful streamer requires more than just playing video games in front of a webcam. If you’re looking to start a streaming career, here are the five essential things you need:

Gaming Computer

A good gaming computer is essential for any streamer. It needs to be able to handle the demands of streaming, as well as gaming. A lot of times, people will try to stream on a laptop, which can work, but it’s not ideal. Laptops tend to overheat and can’t handle the same graphics settings as a desktop.
A gaming computer should have a good processor, plenty of RAM, a high-end graphics card, and a large hard drive. It’s also essential to ensure your computer has an excellent cooling system, as streaming can tax the hardware.
As a rule of thumb, you should have at least 16GB of RAM and 8GB of VRAM, and at least a terabyte of SSD or Solid State Drive. However, the most optimized build is around 32GB of RAM and 16GM of VRAM with two terabytes of space for SDD.
The excellent option for RAM is a Ryzen 7 8-core processor with a GeForce RTX 2070 video card or better.
Good camera lens, in-depth view


The next thing you’ll need is a camera. Your camera needs to have a good FOV, so a webcam isn’t going to suffice. It’s good to have at least a 50-degree depth FOV camera, as it can cover your face and background. It’s good to be between 50 to 70 degrees, but don’t go over 120-degree depth since that’s meant for wide-angle shots.
You also need to ensure your camera has a reasonable frame rate to keep up with the action. A lot of times, people will use a 60FPS camera, but that’s not always ideal. A lot of times, you want to use a 120FPS or even 240FPS camera so you can have a smooth image.


The next thing you’ll need is a microphone. Your microphone must be able to pick up your voice clearly without any background noise. Having a cardioid microphone is essential so it can eliminate any background noise.
You also want to make sure your microphone has a good frequency response. The frequency response is the range of frequencies the microphone can pick up. For example, many times, people will use a microphone with a frequency response of 40Hz to 18kHz, and that’s good enough for you.
This is important because you want to be able to pick up the high and low frequencies. You also want to ensure your microphone has good sensitivity to pick up your voice. The average price for a good streamer microphone is around $100. Some good brands are Audio-Technica, Rode, and Blue.


The next thing you’ll need is a headset. A headset is vital because you need to be able to hear the game and your chat at the same time. You also want to ensure your headset is comfortable so you can wear it for long periods. Often, people will use a headset with a microphone attached, but you want to use a separate microphone so you can have better sound quality.
This is important because you want to be able to pick up the high and low frequencies. You also want to ensure your microphone has a good sensitivity so it can pick up your voice. Some affordable brands include Audio-Technica, but if you have the budget for it, you can never go wrong with Sony, specifically the Sony WH-1000XM3.


Lastly, there’s the lighting. Most streamers sleep out on this, but it dramatically affects your picture quality. You want to ensure your lighting is not too bright or too dark.
You also want to ensure your light source is not in front of you or behind you. The best way to do this is to have two light sources, one on each side of you, so you’re evenly lit. Some affordable lighting brands include Neewer and Elgato.
To start your streaming career, you’ll need the things listed above. Each has its purpose that can help you succeed in the long run. Make sure to set them up so your viewers can see all of the action.

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