A Closer Look at Forehead Reduction Surgery and Other Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly more popular in the United States. According to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 17 million Americans went to health centers for cosmetic procedures in a single year. 

Some extensive cosmetic procedures exist to help people to restore their appearance after an accident, such as facial reconstruction surgery. Others are more or less designed to provide aesthetic comfort to patients such as breast augmentation and many other forms of plastic surgery like rhinoplasty. However, like any medical field, there are new forms of surgery to look into.

Learn about new cosmetic procedures that are becoming popular such as forehead reduction surgery, fox eye lift surgery and double eyelid surgery. 

Forehead Reduction Surgery

Photo of surgeons with patient
Forehead reduction surgery costs can be worth it for a self-esteem boost.

Some people feel very concerned about the height or expanse of their forehead. If you feel the same way, forehead reduction surgery is a medical procedure that assists in reducing the size of your forehead. This calls for surgically removing a section of your forehead. 

The price of forehead reduction surgery varies but is usually a little over $3,000.

There are plenty of reasons you could want forehead reduction surgery, which is also called hairline lowering. You may have developed a larger forehead than most because it runs in the family. You could also have developed it later in life because you suffered from severe hair loss or hair thinning. An accident or facial reconstruction surgery could have expanded your forehead and now you want to shrink it back down. 

  • The Procedure

The surgery for reducing your forehead takes a few hours and some complicated steps. It will need both a plastic surgeon and an anesthesiologist, just like most surgeries. 

  • The surgeon will mark the area of your hairline and forehead that needs to be excised. The surgeon must be careful that the area to be cut nearest your hairline keeps almost all the nerves and follicles intact.
  • The anesthesiologist applies a local anesthetic from your hairline to above your eyebrows.
  • The surgeon cuts the marked area along the lines. They will then separate the skin from the tissue connecting it to the bone underneath. 
  • The top part of the cut area is pulled by the surgeon to meet the bottom cut. This will contract the skin and reduce the size of your forehead. 
  • The surgeon stitches the incision together, focusing on using your hairline to hide the sutures and minimizing scarring. 

You should be fine to go home after a few hours in the recovery room. You will have to come back to the hospital within approximately 10 to 12 days, so the surgeon can remove the sutures. Full recovery is probable within two weeks to a month after your surgery. 

  • The Risks

Just like all surgical procedures, there are a few risks associated with forehead reduction surgery. Aside from the usual risks of infection and allergy to the anesthetics used, you could suffer from facial nerve damage along the incisions. Loss of hair along the incision and scarring are also possible risks. However, these side effects and risks are minimal at best. 

Fox Eye Lift Surgery

Fox eye lift surgery can change your appearance but also invite criticism.

Popular models and social media influencers can also have an impact in what plastic surgery is in demand. Thanks to the incredible clout of celebrities, like Kendall Jenner, many people now want to have almond-shaped or fox-like eyes. 

These eyes, also popularized by models such as Bella Hadid, are sometimes emulated through makeup. However, you can also turn to fox eye lift surgery. This type of surgery can make you look more like these models and elevate the corners of your eyes in a suitably foxy appearance.

  • The Procedure

A fox eye lift procedure is a surgical procedure that can change the way your eyes look and make it seem more fox-like. But if you don’t want to splurge on a surgeon and hospitalization, you can settle for fox eye lift treatment instead. This does not require an operating room and is not as expensive as other forms of eye surgery. The procedure for the non-surgical option is as follows.

  • The surgeon applies topical anesthetic around your eyes.
  • The surgeon uses injected fillers and fat, taken from other areas of your body, to carefully sculpt the area around your eyes.

After this short procedure, you can recover in the clinic and be on your way. However, this only lasts approximately two years. If you want to contour the shape of your eyes permanently, you can use blepharoplasty, which is the official term for surgery involving your eyes. The procedure for a fox eye lift surgery is as follows.

  • The surgeon marks out areas of skin around your eyes that need to be removed or tucked upward to achieve the fox-like appearance.
  • The anesthesiologist applies a numbing agent around your eyes. 
  • The surgeon proceeds to remove the marked out skin and suction fat from the area. This will contort and change the area to achieve the look you want. 

You will need to spend a few hours in a recovery room after surgery. You can recover completely within two weeks.

  • The Risks

Blepharoplasty surgery can have risks associated with blurry vision, eye irritation or even vision loss. Infection is also a risk if you touch the surgery area too often. However, there is also a social risk with fox eye lift surgery because there are people who view the procedure as problematic due to emulating the appearance of Asian peoples. 

Double Eyelid Surgery

Man in Black and White Checkered Dress Shirt Wearing Black Goggles
Double eyelid surgery can be warranted by certain medical conditions.

Another type of blepharoplasty is double eyelid surgery. Unlike fox eye lift surgery, this is not a purely cosmetic procedure. This surgery is one of the most common types of cosmetic procedures in Asia. Double eyelid surgery can be used to correct medical conditions that can interfere with vision, such as drooping eyelids. Or it can be used to remove cosmetic blemishes, such as eye bags. 

In essence, the surgery only creates a visible eyelid crease that can change the way your eye looks. Unless your natural eyelid shape was interfering with your ability to see, double eyelid surgery will not enhance your ability to perceive. It can make your eyes look larger and make it easier to apply some makeup styles. 

  • The Procedure

The steps for achieving double eyelid surgery are a little more complicated than some forms of cosmetic blepharoplasty. As a surgical procedure, it does also cost more because of the associated material and expertise required. 

  • The surgeon measures and marks the new double eyelid line with a pen.
  • You will be sedated with both general anesthesia as well as a local anesthetic applied to the surgery area,
  • The surgeon will make some small cuts along the new eyelid line. 
  • Marked areas of skin will be excised by the surgeon.
  • Muscles and extraneous fat will be extracted from the gaps between the cuts. 
  • The surgeon will use either surgical glue or thread to close the incisions. The sutures must be removed a week after your surgery. 

Full recovery from double eyelid surgery usually takes two weeks. You may use cold packs to ease the pain and wear sunglasses to avoid exciting your eyeballs. 

  • The Risks

Some risks associated with this kind of surgery involve visible incisions after recovery, irritation of the eye from the sutures used. You may also suffer from asymmetrical eye structure if the surgeon isn’t too careful. Finally, a cyst or buried stitch can cause a lump to form near your eye.

New types of cosmetic surgery are always appearing to cater to the changing preferences of the public. Learning more about these innovative new medical procedures such as forehead reduction surgery is key to making the correct decisions regarding your health and appearance. 


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